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Where Raja Ampat is and what beauties can I discover?

Raja Ampat is a group of islands which name comes from a local myth known as “The Four Kings”. The four magnificent islands are considered to be one of the world’s last wildly diverse locations. Raja Ampat consists of a number of tropical island treasures, and amongst the seas renowned as home to the richest marine biodiversity in the world. Located within ”The Coral Triangle”, Raja Ampat is a sanctuary for a number of coral and fish species that are rapidly disappearing. The island compromises over 1,500 minor islands that surround 4 major islands that are Misool, Salwati, Waigeo, and Batanta.


Raja Ampat provides the best underwater experience, and the reason for the great variation of underwater species are many. However, the most important reason being the natural currents that flow through Raja Ampat is connected with other countries that are a part of “The Coral Triangle”. These countries include East Timor, Salomone Islands, The Philippines, Malaysia, New Guinea and Indonesia.

Incredible flora and fauna, a relaxed setting, and exotic traditions to experience

Other than the underwater realm of Raja Ampat being full of life; the island is completely covered with lush vegetation and immaculate beaches. The sight of blocking sky scrapers and towering buildings are replaced by the refreshing panoramic scenery of Mother Nature.


For underwater enthusiast, Raja Ampat offers a first-class diving and snorkeling experience. Covering 9.8 million acres of land and sea combined, it really is an endless adventure of discovering the island’s underwater realm. Take on a new meaning of marine life as tiny pygmy seahorses circle around your fingers, manta rays glide right next to you, schools of colorful species of fish pass by, and if you’re lucky, meet the rare sea turtle and dolphins.

If you’re seeking a great nature expedition, combine your underwater adventure with wildlife beyond the ocean. With an equally breathtaking setting, venture through thick forests within the island and unearth various bird species, shy monitor lizards, rare and vivid species of flowers, and the list goes on!

Getting to Raja Ampat

Getting to this Papuan island may not be as complex as you thought it would be.

Domestic: There are domestic flights you can take from the city of Jakarta or Makassar to get to the island of Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. From Waisai you can then continue your journey taking a ferry to your desired main island of Raja Ampat. Flights include Wings Air, Lion Air, and Garuda Indonesia

International: If you’re flying in from Singapore, Silk air offers a flight to Makassar and from there you can take a local flight to Waisai.


Spectacular wonders await above and beyond the waters of Raja Ampat. Papua Paradise Eco Resorts is proud to be your host during your stay at one of the world’s most popular natural wonders. Enjoy the pleasing chorus of tropical birds as you wake up to an adventure filled day. This island is truly a physical meaning to enchanting, beautiful, fascinating, and mesmerizing. Book your room today!

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