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Raja Ampat Stingless jellyfish in Lake Lenmakana

Posted on 27 July 2017

Jely fish in Lenmakana lake Raja Ampat

What it feels like to swim readily amongst hundreds or perhaps lots and lots of jellyfish associated with numerous designs as well as dimensions? You may think it isn’t possible because this particular ocean beast is recognized for its painful as well as dangerous sting. However, among the many several fascinating miracles from the Indonesian Archipelago, there will be places like Lake Lenmakana where one can truly swim with one of these superb creatures and not have to worry. (more…)

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Wildlife to discover in Raja Empat

Posted on 20 July 2017

Bird in Raja Ampat Papua cockatoo birds

Raja Ampat is home to an amazingly diverse flora, fauna and one of the top diving destination in the world. The abundance of natural resources of the archipelago lies not only found in its water but also on its land. The land contour without mount or mountains exceeding 1000 meters above the sea level makes the forest in the lands of Raja Ampat a lowland forest. The diversity of wildlife in Raja Ampat is extraordinary, and people of the island are committed to preserving the world’s richest variety of species. There are 4 nature reserves in Raja Ampat regency as follows: (more…)

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What can you do in Raja Ampat if you are not a diver?

Posted on 13 July 2017


If you’re a diver, you are most likely to already know that Raja Ampat will be as close as you’ll ever get to visiting heaven on Earth.

Raja Ampat’s marine environment has a lot to offer, and so does the island. It’s rare, rich and accessible, so you don’t need to be a diver to become enthralled from the ever-changing kaleidoscope of form and color under the region’s waves. (more…)

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The best diving exploration with Papua Paradise

Posted on 07 July 2017

Student Reef check Diving in Raja Ampat

Many questions if wonders like Raja Ampat may be the last piece of paradise that could be found on Earth. If it is, then Raja Ampat has got to be on your bucket list. The intriguing undersea exploration in Raja Ampat has made it one of fascinating diving destinations for divers and scuba enthusiasts around the world. Raja Ampat islands are exactly for those who are curious about the rich underwater world and do not mind the expedition. Lying just off of Indonesia’s West Papua province are the “Four Kings” (Raja Ampat): the islands of Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool.


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