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Raja Ampat Dive Tags

Posted on 23 March 2017

scuba diving

Most travelers are now seeking unique destinations where they can fully unwind away from the crowds. One such destination is Raja Ampat in Indonesia. This is not only divers’ Mecca but nature lovers are also lured here by the extensive marine ecosystem which is home to the largest fish, mollusks and corals in the world. It is classified as the ultimate marine region with more marine species than any other place in the world. (more…)

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Scuba Diving conditions in Raja Ampat

Posted on 16 March 2017

whale shark

If you are a diving enthusiast, it is highly likely that you have been to Indonesia. If not, then this must be on your must-visit diving destinations. Of the hundreds of diving locations in the country, Raja Ampat holds a prominent position because it has been classified as the most bio-diverse marine region in the world. It features more fish, mollusk and coral than any other place on the planet. (more…)

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Languages in Raja Ampat

Posted on 09 March 2017

children playing

When planning your vacation, it is important to consider the language commonly spoken in your destination. There are many exciting destinations in the world where language barrier hampers the visitors’ experience. If you are planning to visit Raja Ampat in Indonesia, it is imperative to appreciate the range of languages you will encounter. (more…)

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Dive Sites in Raja Ampat

Posted on 02 March 2017

Raja Ampat papua paradise

Among the most prominent diving destinations in Indonesia is Raja Ampat or Four Kings. The archipelago located in West Papua province boasts over 1,500 islands and is part of the famous Coral Triangle which is renowned for its diverse range of species. (more…)

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