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Coral Reef Workshop at Papua Paradise Eco Resort: 17th – 31st May 2025

Would you like to learn more about marine biology in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world? Papua Paradise Eco Resort is offering a once in a lifetime chance to learn from renowned marine biologist in a series of four 2-day marine biology workshops over two weeks. Whether you are staying at Papua Paradise and want to enhance your stay, or come especially for these workshops, this will be an incredibly memorable journey.

Coral Reef Workshop at Papua Paradise Eco Resort

If you are one of the many people who has taken up scuba diving and wants to learn more about the fascinating underwater world and the many interrelationships and interactions between organisms, this is an incredible chance for you. You may already have been reading books and identifying fish and corals from photographs or even from memory after a dive. This is an excellent way to gain knowledge, but these workshops are a way of diving deeper into marine biology to further enrich your love of the marine world.

The series of four 2-day workshops will include: identifying fish, corals and invertebrates, sampling & microscope sessions, exploring the relationships in the coral reef, seagrass meadows and mangroves.

Why Are Coral Reefs so Important?

During the day the group will snorkel and dive around the reefs and take samples, followed by examination under stereo microscopes. In the evenings you will attend lectures on various topics related to coral reefs. There will also be a fun marine biology quiz and social sessions. At the end of the course you will receive a course file packed full of information and a certificate.

These interactive workshops led by a professional marine biologist will push your knowledge and awareness of these fascinating ecosystems to another level through hands-on coral reef exploration.

The four parts of the course are designed to complement each other, but can also be booked individually as stand-alone modules. They are suitable for all levels, from beginner to professional are welcome. There is no need for any previous experience of marine biology techniques.

If you are interested in joining any of these workshops please contact us at reservation@papuaparadise.com

The course is conducted in English with German as an option. Numbers will be limited, so don’t waste time, email us today!

Mega and Macro – The Biggest and Smallest Fauna of Raja Ampat

Workshop Contents at a Glance:

Fish Workshop 18-19 May 2025

  • Fish – their family characteristics and ecology
  • Fish species list, use of scientific databases
  • 4 guided dives
  • Fish presentation & quiz, Workshop booklet & certificate

Coral Workshop 21-22 May 2025

  • Coral Biology & Identification
  • Coral Reef Ecology, Food Webs, Marine Conservation
  • 5 guided dives, incl. one fluorescence night dive
  • Coral presentation & quiz, Coral finder & certificate

Invertebrates Workshop 25-26 May 2025

  • Sandy bottom, reef rock and plankton sampling
  • Microscope sessions & invertebrate identification, Zoological drawing
  • 5 guided dives, incl. one night dive
  • Coral Reef Presentation & quiz, Workshop booklet & certificate

Day Trip Coastal Ecology 27 May: Kri, Mansuar or Fam Islands

  • Fantastic day trip to a unique place with 3 guided dives

Raja Ampat Workshop 28-29 May 2025

  • Exploring seagrass beds and mangroves, 4 guided snorkel trips, 1 guided dive
  • Characteristics and importance of these two habitats
  • Sampling & microscope sessions
  • Summary of workshop results & conclusion

For more information and an overview of the planned schedule, please see the Flyer, Tour itinerary and Program.

Coral Reef Workshop at Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Course leader  is an independent biologist (biological oceanography), PADI diving instructor, underwater photographer and has been conducting REEF CHECK courses and marine biology workshops in various destinations for the past 15 years. He is a recognised expert in coral reef ecology with many years of practical experience. He lives with his family in Germany, where he propagates corals with GREEN CORALS, offers marine aquarium services, gives lectures, seminars and diving courses, and is active in environmental protection.

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