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The best diving exploration with Papua Paradise

Many questions if wonders like Raja Ampat may be the last piece of paradise that could be found on Earth. If it is, then Raja Ampat has got to be on your bucket list. The intriguing undersea exploration in Raja Ampat has made it one of fascinating diving destinations for divers and scuba enthusiasts around the world. Raja Ampat islands are exactly for those who are curious about the rich underwater world and do not mind the expedition. Lying just off of Indonesia’s West Papua province are the “Four Kings” (Raja Ampat): the islands of Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool.

Raja Ampat’s breathtaking scenery on land and in the sea makes the island look like a fantasy. The sea, the land, the sky and everything under and above it is inviting you to your private Disneyland of diving sites. With over 1,500 species of coral and 500 species of fish, Raja Ampat is ranked as top of biodiversity reef scape on Earth.

There are many reasons why Raja Ampat is worth your time. Here is a list just to name a few:

  • Many marine studies have been conducted and it has been confirmed that the region has the biggest number of marine species in the world. Its location is between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean or as some people may call it, the ‘Coral Triangle’. It is ideal for the massive growth of corals and more importantly perfect for the formation of high coral reef biodiversity. There are many supporting factors to this: the region has the unique ability to recover any damage done to its habitat, and the location of the region is remote making it less exposed to humans.

Student Reef check Diving in Raja Ampat

  • Preservation of the island’s treasures is a number one priority to locals. Ever since communities got the authority to manage and control natural resources for quality of living, the diversity of the ocean gradually increased.
  • Composed of small different Islands, Raja Ampat has a lot to offer when you’re looking for a specific sighting. During your stay with Papua Paradise, you will spot a lot of coral reefs close to the shore along with amazing diverse hard corals, seagrass beds, mangroves, shallow reefs, black sand, white sand, and much more. Accommodation is no concern when you’ve got us because our location is as convenient as it gets. You can observe 3 local bird species while visiting our house reef, where you can encounter mandarin fish, manta rays, wobbegongs, bamboo and reef sharks and bump into the occasional dugong.

Explore Raja Ampat Manta Ray

  • From the beginning of your journey to Raja Ampat, you will capture beautiful details that bring a new meaning of exploring the sea. You will be accompanied by many species of underwater creatures like the pigmy seahorses circling you, amazing fish like snappers, giant trevallies, tunas and even barracudas posing for a few underwater photos, and turtles and dugongs to give you a tour of their home.
  • Fishing can be another challenging activity that can be done at the shores of Raja Ampat besides diving underwater. As the local fishermen in the region are friendly and are accustomed to foreigners, you can win them over with an instant smile, offering them betel nut, pinang or sweet candies to them to start conversation, share funny stories, walk about the island and admire its

Sunset at Raja ampat after diving

Enthusiasts of the underwater world flock over to Raja Ampat since it has so much to offer. Vertical underwater walls, exploration and thrilling drift diving in fantastic spots if you’re up for a challenge. Papua Paradise is an Eco resort run by a dedicated team who believes 110% in supporting the island. Providing jobs for locals and abide by their rules and regulations. If you’re interested to find an accommodation complete with the best location, best services, and is eco-friendly, we should be your first choice! Contact us for more details.

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