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Raja Ampat Stingless jellyfish in Lake Lenmakana

What it feels like to swim readily amongst hundreds or perhaps lots and lots of jellyfish associated with numerous designs as well as dimensions? You may think it isn’t possible because this particular ocean beast is recognized for its painful as well as dangerous sting. However, among the many several fascinating miracles from the Indonesian Archipelago, there will be places like Lake Lenmakana where one can truly swim with one of these superb creatures and not have to worry.

sting less jelly fish raja ampat

You don’t have to dive

Lake Lenmakana is great for non-divers who are hungry for more than just eye candy. While the destination may be amazing, so is the trip. To arrive at the actual river, you have to trek as well as hike via an exceptionally difficult path. Nevertheless, during the trek, you will reward yourself with the magnificent scenery along with the captivating biodiversity Raja Ampat has to offer. It’s not easy to get to, but a place to remember. So a bit of hard work climbing towards Lake Lenmakana is nothing compared to what you’ll get there.

Only have been discovered a few years ago, this lake is best visiting at noon when the waters are glowing with thousands of golden jellyfish. The temperature of the water is also warm, making it a comfortable time to go for a dip. These jellyfish are fragile, so as long as you treat these creatures gently and respect their home, you can swim with them wholeheartedly. Explore the lake with your new found companions!

Jely fish in Lenmakana lake Raja Ampat

Getting to Lake Lenmakana

As Papua Paradise is located on the north-eastern side of the island, you will have to travel via speedboat to the West Papua port of Sorong. From there, take another speed boat to Misool which is estimated to take 4 to 5 hours. However, it will feel like you’ve spent no time getting to Misool because of the gorgeous sceneries you will encounter during your journey. Remember to keep your eyes wide open if you don’t want to miss anything!

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