Dolphins in Raja Ampat

Are you planning a trip to Indonesia any time soon? If yes, you will savor a fantastic experience at the top tourist destination. One of the reasons millions of visitors troop to Indonesia is because of the beautiful beaches and pleasant weather. However, it is the opportunity to swim with hundreds of fish species including dolphins that has made this region a must-visit for scuba divers and nature lovers.

Dolphins in Raja Ampat

Diverse Marine Species

While there are many diving locations on the island, Raja Ampat still remains the first choice for avid divers. The archipelago has four large islands namely Misol, Batanta, Wageo, and Salawati and over 1,000 smaller islets.  All these have unique conditions which makes every diving site a new experience.

Raja Ampat, according to marine scientists, is the most bio-diverse marine system in the world boasting the largest range of fish, critters, mollusks and reefs in the world. According to research, 70% of the world’s reef is found in Raja Ampat in West Papua province.

With around 1,500 islands, Raja Ampat promises an experience like no other for both beginners and more experienced diving experts. There are about 15 different species of marine mammals ranging from Bryde’s whale, Pygmy sperm whale, false killer whale, long-beaked spinner dolphins, Fraser’s dolphins, Dugong, Risso’s dolphin, dwarf spinner dolphin, common bottlenose dolphin, short-finned pilot whale and Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins among others.

There are also 655 types of shellfish, 1427 types of reef fish and 553 types of hard corals. Others include 5 species of sea turtles, rays, unique sharks, Wobbegong and Kalabia or walking shark and seahorse.

All these animals provide an amazing opportunity for divers to learn more about the marine ecosystem. They add a lot of value to the diving experience, making Raja Ampat a global destination for diving enthusiasts. The idea of tropical temperatures are ideal for these species and diving conditions are favorable throughout the year.

Swimming with the Dolphins in Raja Ampat

Swimming with the Dolphins in Raja Ampat

Every diver enjoys a moment in the water with dolphins. These friendly mammals are man’s best friend in the water. At Raja Ampat, you have a chance to swim with these intelligent animals and learn more about them.

You can see dolphins every day in most diving sites including Misool Island and Manta Ridge. It is also possible to catch site of these amazing creatures all the way along the Gulf of Kabuiwe and enjoy their games even before taking a dive.

You can have more fun by staying at the Papua Paradise Eco Resort, located conveniently at the entrance of Selat Sagawin. You will enjoy to see the dolphins play as you relax at the resort. Tailor-made travel packages such as diving, bird watching and snorkeling are also available.

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