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6 Things You Might See on Papua Paradise’s House Reef

Papua Paradise Eco Resort sits on the small but pristine island of Birie in the Raja Ampat archipelago. The diving and snorkeling in this area is absolutely life changing and your first taste of it at the resort can be right from your overwater bungalow. The house reef teeming with marine life sits right below your feet tempting you to jump in and explore. Today we’ll get you excited for a trip to Papua Paradise with 6 things you might see on the house reef.

1. Millions of fish

Mandarin Fish at Papua Paradise House Reef in Raja Ampat

The reef here is positively brimming with fish of every shape, size, and colour. With over 1,300 species of reef fish in Raja Ampat you can’t move without bumping into a different species. Some of the most numerous here are the mandarin fish, lots of parrotfish, angelfish, butterflyfish and triggerfish.

2. Healthy corals

Hose Reef at Papua Paradise Eco Resort in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is famous for its wall-to-wall corals and that’s exactly what you will find on the Papua Paradise house reef. In fact there are 533 known species of coral in the area! Both hard and soft corals thrive on the house reef including branch corals, leaf corals, and hood corals.

3. Anemones

Clown fish and anemones at Papua Paradise in Raja Ampat

Attached to rocks or corals you will see plenty of anemones waving in the currents. Most fish stay well away from these predatory creatures but you might spot clown fish, famous stars of the movie Finding Nemo, hiding within the tentacles. Clown fish are immune to the stings of anemones so find them a comfy and safe spot to make their home.

4. Sharks

Wobbegong Sharks in Raja Ampat

There are a number of types of sharks that spend time on the house reef at Papua Paradise Eco Resort. Most common are juvenile white and black tip reef sharks but there is also the possibility to see wobbegong sharks crawling along the sea floor. These unusual creatures often use their fins to move around, earning them the name ‘walking sharks’.

5. Dugongs

5 Fascinating Facts About Dugongs

Dugongs are shy creatures that are generally rare to spot. However, they seem quite comfortable on the house reef at Papua Paradise so guests often get to see them grazing on the sea grass just under the bungalows or by the jetty. There is nothing quite like seeing these gentle giants quietly bobbing in the clear blue water.

6. Sea Turtles

Searching for Sea Turtles in Raja Ampat

Passing sea turtles are also quite common on the house reef. At least 4 of the world’s 7 sea turtle species are known to frequent the waters around Raja Ampat, which is one of the reasons Raja Ampat was designated as a sea turtle sanctuary in 2014. Hatching season is usually from July to August so around this time of year you might see more sea turtles in the area.

It is pretty wonderful that you don’t have to go far from your room to be deep in the marine beauty that Raja Ampat offers. Now you know about the house reef at Papua Paradise are you more tempted to book a stay? We’d love to know in the comments below so leave us a message.

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