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What can you do in Raja Ampat if you are not a diver?

Posted on 13 July 2017


If you’re a diver, you are most likely to already know that Raja Ampat will be as close as you’ll ever get to visiting heaven on Earth.

Raja Ampat’s marine environment has a lot to offer, and so does the island. It’s rare, rich and accessible, so you don’t need to be a diver to become enthralled from the ever-changing kaleidoscope of form and color under the region’s waves. (more…)

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Stay at Resort in Raja Ampat and Explore the Pianemo Island

Posted on 05 June 2017

Pianemo Island

Raja Ampat is known for its legendary coral islands, one of them being Pianemo. It is here where coral islands with different sizes can be seen covering a wide area. The scenery is breathtaking with crisp, clear blue waters. The communities that surround Pianemo call this island the ‘small Wayag.’ This is because if you view this area from above, you will notice that this island grouping resembles a miniature-sized Wayag. (more…)

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How to Get to Raja Ampat

Posted on 05 May 2017

How to Get to Raja Ampat

Planning your next holiday getaway? Why not consider going to Raja Ampat? Whether it’s for a simple vacation with family and friends, or perhaps you going on your first diving expedition, there’s one thing you absolutely shouldn’t miss—taking in and experiencing firsthand all the wonders of this location that’s so rich in marine biodiversity and oozing with so much aquatic life. But first, how to get there. Here are a few ways on how to get to Raja Ampat. (more…)

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What to Do in Sorong

Posted on 06 April 2017

Sorong feature

Sorong in West Papua is the gateway to Raja Ampat Islands

Sorong, located in West Papua, is the gateway to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands. That is probably going to be your first thought when you arrive in Sorong. Aside from being the biggest town in Raja Ampat, it is also the main base for the oil and gas industry as well as the local logging industry. It may not strike you as the most picturesque destinations at first glance, but there are a lot of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered behind the dull mask.

There is a lot to discover and far much more to do in Sorong. You just have to know the ideal time of day to engage in different activities in order to get the most out of the island. (more…)

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