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The ultimate Raja Ampat bucketlist!

Raja Ampat is on the to-do list of every passionate diver. With its many diving spots, it offers a true candy box of the underwater world to explore.

Maybe not everyone you are traveling with is a diver, but don’t worry, the Islands that make up Raja Ampat have a lot more to offer for non-divers! Here we have compiled the top activities and must-see localities while you are staying with us at Papua Paradise:

Snorkel and swim in the worlds most sublime ocean

With an overwhelming abundance of underwater life, Raja Ampat is perfect for you to take on a snorkeling tour. Amaze yourself with the colorful world waiting for you as soon as you open your eyes underwater. There are endless snorkeling spots, especially surrounding our resort. So don’t hesitate to ask locals or our staff for their recommendations.

Snorkeling at Raja Ampat Papua paradise


There are numerous uninhabited Islands in Raja Ampat. Many non-divers enjoy going on an Island hop to discover the islands diverse flora and fauna. Pasir Timbul, Pianemo and Banos Island are among the popular choices, but the beauty of Island hopping around 6,000 Islands is the fact that you have the freedom to choose your own itinerary!

Pianemo Island Raja Ampat Tracking

Sea Kayaking

Regardless of kayaking being quite new to the area, it’s taking visitors by the storm. Sea kayaking in Raja Ampat is a beautiful expedition in nature and exploring the many limestone Islands will refresh your mind. Each Island has its unique shape formed by the sea and the wind. A great organization to approach is Kayak 4 conservation. Their mission and involvement is heart warming, and each passing day creating a stronger impact by spreading awareness about being Eco conscious towards Raja Ampat’s marine life.


A land based adventure: trekking

From amateur to professional trekking, Raja Ampat’s islands have it all. There is something for everyone, with the choices between bird watching trips or adventurous jungle expeditions. Between the high lands or the seaside and much more. You can organize your own itineraries or follow the most suggested spots. Many hidden wonders await you in these magnificent islands.

Jungle trekking in raja ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat

Being well known for being one of the worlds most fantastic diving spots, we can’t leave this out! Diver’s from around the world have been very lucky to have dived in Raja Ampat’s spectacular oceans. If you’re visiting Raja Ampat for a diving trip, prepare yourself for extraordinary soft and hard corals, wonderful marine life, and incredible macro life. At Papua Paradise, we offer a variety of diving courses during your well deserved tropical holiday. Backed up by well known recreational diving organization PADI, we can ensure safety, reliability, and professional service.

Diving In Raja Ampat With Papua Paradise

Cultural Insights

The locals love to share their culture and to better understand where visitors are coming from to get to know their culture as well. Traditional dances, languages, handcrafts, cuisine, textiles and celebration, can all be found on Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat People Papua Paradise

At Papua Paradise Eco Resort, we are happy to guide or organize your excursions and give you directions to build your own itinerary, get you in touch with trusted locals, or the best places to dine. Contact us to plan your next adventure to Raja Ampat!

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