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Sunny the Olive-backed Sun Bird is BACK!

Sunny the Olive-backed Sun Bird is BACK!

And even better- she has built her nest 3 metres high up in a Coconut Palm tree.. dangling from just a thin cord-like natural fibre. The nest (as you can see from these photos) is flask-shaped with a trail of fibre material at the bottom and a small overhanging porch from where Sunny sits mosts of the day guarding the eggs.

Guests and staff alike have taken great delight in observing both Sunny and her partner have been observed building their incredible nest, and seeing her small head poking out of the entrance watching us all.

We do still see the male around during the days, and whilst he will rarely tend to the nest in these weeks, he will later help with raising the young chicks once they are hatched.

A big thank you to Peter Rozman for these stunning photos! We will keep you updated on Sunny in the weeks to come 😉


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