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The paradise of Raja Ampat just got a little more relaxing with Spa in Paradise

Paradise just got a little more relaxing with the opening of Spa in Paradise at Papua Paradise Eco Resort. The first of its kind in Raja Ampat, a luxurious spa for the guests of Papua Paradise. Read on to learn a little more about the philosophy behind the spa and the treatments you can enjoy there.

Why Open a Spa in Raja Ampat?

Spa in Paradise at Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Raja Ampat is an escape from everyday life, a place to go to get away from everything. You can connect with nature, disconnect from technology, and enjoy time with a partner, friend, or loved one. So, why open a spa in Raja Ampat?

Spa in Paradise offers treatments that will deepen your experience of this magical place. Using Ayurvedic treatments from India and Southeast Asia, the aim of this spa is not only to treat your physical body, but also balance your mental and emotional wellbeing.

The sounds of nature, from the jungle to the ocean, can be heard from the treatment rooms, enriching, rather than removing you from the resort setting.

What to Expect at Spa in Paradise

Spa in Paradise at Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Spa in Paradise has three private treatment rooms, each their own bit of paradise. Complete with a bathtub, rainshower, and manicure/pedicure and hair cream bath areas, they self-contained and beautifully private without being enclosed. Each has incredible ocean views and is open to the sounds of the waves.

You can enjoy a cup of fresh ginger tea in the tranquil lounge before or after your treatment, and just spend some time letting your body heal and unwind. Let yourself be totally pampered by the spa therapists.


Spa in Paradise at Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Each treatment at Spa in Paradise has been specifically chosen to compliment the setting and the activities offered on the island. The Spa Manager can help you to choose the perfect treatment or program for you, and the spa therapists will always discuss with you to find out the parts of your body or mind that need the most care and attention.

You’ll find treatments to help soothe tired muscles after long treks or diving, others to revive sun-baked skin or hair, and even more to create balance to help you sleep better and allow you to enjoy your time on Birie Island to the fullest.

Enjoy Everything About Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Spa in Paradise at Papua Paradise Eco Resort

There are many wonderful things about Papua Paradise, and with Spa in Paradise there is now one more. Your health, wellbeing and sense of adventure will all be nurtured at the resort, now more than ever.

Do you love spa treatments? Which kind of treatments make you feel the most revitalized? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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