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Incredible shots of a Blue Ring Octopus

Incredible shots of a Blue Ring Octopus found just behind the resort. We have had quite a few sightings over the last few weeks, even on our House Reef!

Fun facts:
– The Blue Ring Octopus is the only octopus that is poisonous to humans.

– It carries enough venom to kill approximately 26 adult humans, within minutes…despite being the size of a golf ball!

-The toxin of a Blue ringed octopus is 10,000 times more toxic than Cyanide. Its toxin is produced by bacteria in the Salivary Glands of the Octopus.

-During reproduction, both the female and male will die. The male dies shortly after copulation, and the female dies within days of hatching her eggs which she will have spent months protecting. She will die of starvation as the female does not have the opportunity to hunt during this time.

-The main diet of a Blue ringed octopus consists of small crabs, shrimps, fish and other marine creatures. It is spectualted that the octopus does not even need to bite its prey, rather it just casts some of its venom near the prey to kill.

Photographer wishes to remain anonymous.

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