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How to Get to Raja Ampat

Planning your next holiday getaway? Why not consider going to Raja Ampat? Whether it’s for a simple vacation with family and friends, or perhaps you going on your first diving expedition, there’s one thing you absolutely shouldn’t miss—taking in and experiencing firsthand all the wonders of this location that’s so rich in marine biodiversity and oozing with so much aquatic life. But first, how to get there. Here are a few ways on how to get to Raja Ampat.

How to Get to Raja Ampat

How to Get to Raja Ampat – Your choices

There are many different ways to get to Raja Ampat. The two most popular ways on how to get to Raja Ampat are:

  • Flying to Sorong

Sorong is the largest province in West Papua Province. You can get to Sorong by either hopping on a plane or getting on a ship. Once in Sorong, you can take a taxi to the Sorong ferry harbor. The ferries will take you to Wasai. If you’re pressed for time however, you can also choose to just fly from Sorong to Wasai.

  • Flying to Wasai in Raja Ampat

Wasai is the capital of Raja Ampat.

How to get to Sorong

If you’re flying in from an international destination, you won’t be able to find a flight that goes straight to Sorong. Chances are, you’ll be landing into an airport in or around Indonesia that services international flights before moving on to your final destination. But don’t worry, no one likes long layovers, so we’ve listed down below some of the quickest ways to get to Sorong.

Flights to Sorong (Domine Eduard Osok Airport (IATA code: SOQ)) can be accessed from

  • Via Jakarta

There are various flights from Southeast Asian hubs that can get you to Jakarta. Once in Jakarta, you can then take a flight to Sorong.

  • Via Manado

You can fly to Sorong via Manado by booking a seat on SilkAir. SilkAir offers direct flights to Manado from Singapore.

  • Via Makassar

Another way to get to Sorong is via Makassar. If you’re coming from Singapore, SilkAir offers direct flights to Makassar. However, if Kuala Lumpur is your jump-off point, AirAsia is your best bet as they offer a direct flight to Makassar.

Here are other ways to get to Sorong that you can consider:

  • Going via sea will allow you to explore the other islands in Indonesia along the way.
  • If coming from a different departure point not listed above, check with popular travel websites to check the availability of flights.

Flying to Wasai in Raja Ampat

The popularity of Raja Ampat has increased over the years thus resulting in improvements of the access routes to the area. Lion Air offers direct flights to the Raja Ampat capital of Wasai from Manado.

There are many ways on how to get to Raja Ampat. It’s up to you to decide how you want to get there.

As for accommodation, Papua Paradise Eco Resort stands out for its uniqueness. The Eco Resort is conveniently located on a geographical position which allows easy access to the resort in any given weather condition. Here, you can also count on fantastic dives at any time of the year which we can happily arrange for you. If staying on land is more your drift, you can visit the natural habitat of the three endemic bird species in the area. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

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  1. Hoe Guan Ng
    April 26, 2020

    What is the best time to visit Raja Ampat and what is the fastest way to get there from Kuala Lumpur for a group of about 15 pax and total cost including full food and accommodation per pax on twin sharing? Thanks

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