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Food You Should Try When Visiting Raja Ampat

Part of vacation or experiencing a new land is living with the people. When there are people and culture, there will always be local food.  In Raja Ampat, you will experience the lifestyle of the local people and get an opportunity to sample authentic local food. When you stay at Papua Paradise Eco Resort, your meals are covered by us with the packages that you have chosen. Even if the meals are covered, it is possible to have one of the locals cook your meals and deliver them to you.


Our restaurant spoils our guests with choices when it comes to food. Many times, it will be traditional Indonesian food with a western twist to it.  Basically, the general menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast: Yams, Plantain or Bananas that may also have a local doughnut included.
  • Lunch: Fish or chicken stew with a rice base
  • Dinner: Usually same as lunch but with chicken and fish freshly cooked, local vegetables and rice.
  • Dessert: This may be the fruit that is currently in season or they may make some sweet dumplings.

Vegetarians may enjoy local tempeh and tofu as well as other protein choices. It is important to let your host know of any requirements for a special diet or if you would like to have more than the local cuisine. It is also perfectly okay to eat out as you wish.


Since the fruit on this island is not locally grown, it becomes difficult to find fresh fruit juice. Alcohol is also not commonly supplied and you will not even find it sold in these islands. Bottled and canned drinks – the carbonated kind, can be easily purchased at the local shops. However, they will likely be warm since the electricity supply is not constant and refrigerators hardly run.

Halal Meals

If you will be in Waisai and Sorong, it will be easier for you to find halal food. However, when you are in the islands, finding halal food will not be possible. Additionally, North Raja Ampat is a predominantly Christian area, which means that halal food is pretty much impossible to locate. If you must eat Halal, then be sure to purchase your food in the bigger islands before going into the smaller ones.

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