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Conserve Marine Life while Diving in Raja Ampat

Located in the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is known as the treasure of the Bird’s Head Seascape or often referred to, as the world’s richest coral biodiversity site. So simply put, it’s the jim-dandy of diving hot spots!

This epicenter of tropical marine life is home to the largest marine national park in Indonesia and considered to be among the most stunning aquatic environments on earth.

Being the birthplace of an astounding 1,427 species of fish and more than 550 species of coral makes marine conservation in Raja Ampat crucial. It is Indonesia’s first network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), spanning across an area of 4,500 square miles. What happens in Raja Ampat has a direct impact on the world’s marine ecosystem. It is vital we understand, spread awareness and protect it.

Marine Life Biodiversity of Diving Raja Ampat Diving

Raja Ampat’s remarkable biodiversity has remained intact for a reason: The people of Raja Ampat have practiced conservation for centuries. To respect and contribute to the safeguard of marine life, there are some simple guidelines and rules to practice environmentally-conscious diving:

  1. Keep a safe distance from coral and other marine life
  2. Make sure your gear is secured so that it cannot get lost
  3. Don’t stand or walk on coral reefs and other life forms – In case of necessity, find a piece of rock or dead coral
  4. Avoid wearing gloves
  5. Do not feed any fish or wildlife
  6. Don’t take any living or non-living resources like coral, shells, and stones
  7. It is forbidden to use spear guns or other underwater fishing gear
  8. Leave no trash
  9. Make sure other divers are aware to not damage the natural resources and report any violations
  10. Make sure you have a valid entry permit for diving in Raja Ampat

Say no to Bootle Plastic in raja Ampat

Even for non-divers, there are some simple things one can keep in mind to help protect the nature while you’re on a stroll. By following these tips you can help preserve the land and seascape:

  1. Don’t leave any trash behind – including the cigarette butts! Recycle those empty boxes of past cigarettes.
  2. Use refillable bottles
  3. Bring your own bags when purchasing items (say no to plastic!)
  4. Don’t feed animals
  5. Eat sustainably caught seafood
  6. Use natural sunscreen. Chemically produced sunscreen can harm the environment.
  7. Don’t purchase items that exploit marine life

At Papua Paradise Eco Resort we fully comply with all the guidelines set by local communities and associations. We are devoted to safeguarding the beauty of this unique ecosystem. Our Divemasters are dedicated to preserving marine life and will explain to you all precautions that you need to take while diving here.

Are you ready to dive in the largest marine park? Have a look at our diving services and offers.

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