Explore with our Resort Services in Raja Ampat

Posted on 14 September 2017

nice coral at resort in raja ampat

Have you been thinking of heading off to a Papua Paradise? Then you should definitely consider visiting Raja Ampat.  Here you will find an amazing Resort in Raja Ampat from where you can explore the biodiversity of the region.  The marine life when diving in Raja Ampat is incredible.


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How to participate in keeping Raja Ampat’s environment clean

Posted on 08 September 2017

No more rubish at when diving raja ampat

The island of Raja Ampat in Indonesia possesses the world’s most diverse marine life. Making it a popular diving destination for dive enthusiasts, diving, and snorkelers all over the world. However, the island’s location and currents make Raja Ampat a trap for man-made waste caused by the increasing population internally and in neighboring countries, and poor waste management/ treatment practices. (more…)

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Raja Ampat: an archipelago all to yourself

Posted on 31 August 2017

Raja Ampat eco resort and Dive center

Raja Ampat, the diving mecca of the world. “Raja Ampat” translated means “The four Kings” based on an Indonesian legend. The legend says that a women came across seven eggs out of which four hatched and became the kings of the four main Islands of the Archipelago. The other three became a ghost, women, and a stone. (more…)

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The ultimate Raja Ampat bucketlist!

Posted on 24 August 2017

blue sea and yellow ground make green

Raja Ampat is on the to-do list of every passionate diver. With its many diving spots, it offers a true candy box of the underwater world to explore.

Maybe not everyone you are traveling with is a diver, but don’t worry, the Islands that make up Raja Ampat have a lot more to offer for non-divers! Here we have compiled the top activities and must-see localities while you are staying with us at Papua Paradise:


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