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Diving Safely in Raja Ampat

Diving is an enjoyable sport and hobby. However, it’s also a high-risk activity, therefore one should take precaution before and while diving. Here are some important things to note if you choose to go diving in Raja Ampat.

When diving in Raja Ampat, all divers should know that there is no reliable hyperbaric chamber in Papua. As such, should you experience decompression sickness, you will have to be evacuated to Manado or Bali. So before you get to that point, you will need to plan your dives as non-decompression dives as well as manage your dive profile very carefully during your trip. It’s also very important that you show recognizable proof of proper training and certification by an international body, and be physically fit before diving.  More often than not, the divemaster will also carry out a quick assessment prior to going on the dive.

Surface Marker Buoy - raja ampat diving seafty

In order to stay safe while diving, it is crucial that you review the rules and the emergency procedures. Make sure to attend the dive briefings and take note of the depth limits and comply with them. Ensure that you are using the appropriate dive gear and that it works well in the diving conditions specific to your dive. Let your divemaster know if you have the malfunctioning equipment or changes to your physical fitness and condition that could affect your ability to dive. You will also need to carry safety items including:

  • SMB (Surface Marker Buoy), emergency float, lift bag, or other appropriate signaling devices that work well in the daytime.
  • For a night dive, you must carry a dive light and at least one backup light.
  • An auditory signaling device such as an air horn or whistle.
  • Other recommended items such as a line cutter or knife, signaling devices such as signal mirrors and dye packs, and backup auditory devices and a compass.

Diving in Raja Ampat sometimes exposes you to very strong currents which include eddies and down currents.  If you feel that the dive conditions are not ideal for you based on your training, physical fitness level, experience, and certification level, you should take it upon yourself to be responsible enough to refuse to dive.

Safety Diving ascent rate raja ampat

If you do choose to go on with your dive, make sure to limit the speed of your ascent to 7 meters per minute or 23 feet per minute, and complete at 3-5 minute safety stop at a depth of 4-5 meters or 13-16 feet. You should also avoid repetitive dives with increasing depths. However, should you dive again, make sure to observer the one-hour surface break. Always remember to remain hydrated and avoid caffeine, drugs or alcohol prior to a dive. Once you are done diving, do not participate in the strenuous exercise.

Raja Ampat Diving Safety

Lastly, do not harass or touch marine life since invertebrates and fish that have venomous spines can injure you. Others may also be nesting and might, therefore, be aggressive. Our divemaster in Papua Paradise Eco Resort is used to diving conservatively and will remind you to love the ocean and to protect coral and marine life during the briefing. Contact us now to enjoy a fun and safe dive in Raja Ampat.

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